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My Live Interview with Patricia Durgen from Marketers on a Mission

My computer doesn't have a camera so you'll just see my photo,
but the live interview was a lot of fun. Thanks for watching.


NPR author interview

Small Town Roads, my first fiction novel after two nonfiction books, was one of four selected by NPR WNIJ/WNIU for their 2017 Spring Read Series and I was interviewed AND read an excerpt for the Series. (Note: there are two links on the page, one for the excerpt that was picked by the station and one for the actual interview.)  Thank you, WNIJ and Dan Klefstad - it was an honor.

Click here for interview.


Speak Up Talk Radio Small Town Roads Interview

I had an author interview by Speak Up Talk Radio yesterday during my lunch break.  I made sure the house was quiet so Abby, our senior rescue Labrador retriever, wouldn't bark, as it was done over the phone. She did bark, but at such a moment of exquisite timing that I knew Angel Barkley had a hand (or paw) in that and it made both my husband and I almost tear up as we laughed, listening to it afterward.

The Speak Up Talk Radio Interviews fund the SewPort project, which provides handcrafted bedding items (pillowcases) to soldiers serving overseas, where a bit of homemade cheer lifts the spirits, as well as shelters for the homeless, domestic violence shelters, and cage comforters and cat-nippers to rescue shelters.  So for that, I've been proud to be interviewed twice, knowing my author fee and those who donate after listening are doing a lot to provide comfort to those in need.

For the interview where I talk about the writing process and my latest fiction characters (in a voice I'm told sounds like "Erma Bomback"), the link is here.


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